Brief Encounters ’19

26 May & 8 September
They last five, ten, twenty minutes. They take place under beech trees, among pines, by the pond, among the bushes and in the middle of a beautiful meadow clearing. And they are magnificent. Brief Encounters are temporary event sculptures, sometimes hard-hitting, always short-lived. They will occur in two series of three, on Sunday 26 May and Sunday 8 September. In 2019 Lustwarande is organizing this programme for the third time.

Melanie Bonajo – performance Palais de Tokyo (2019)

The artists participating in the first series, on 26 May, were Melanie Bonajo (NL), William Hunt (UK) and Grace Schwindt (DE). All three are well-known names on the international performance-art circuit. Musician/performer William Hunt, known for his often very physically challenging performances, sent a new forest-dwelling survivalist alter ego into the air at De Oude Warande, accompanied by dancers and musicians. Melanie Bonajo, in her latest performance, commented on the way we human beings should relate to things, plants, animals, ourselves and others in the future. Grace Schwindt performed an enchanting dance with a horse, a rider and eight glass sculptures, specially made for Lustwarande, which refer to the modernist tradition.

William Hunt – when it’s gone, it’s gone (2019) detail

Grace Schwindt – Frozen Dance (2019) detail

During the second series, on 8 September, Gosie Vervloessem (BE) will explore the phenomenon of the ‘horror garden’ in a cinematic performance reading. The other participating artists are Last Yearz Interesting Negro (UK) and Tanja Ritterbex (NL).

Phoebe Collings-James & Last Yearz Interesting Negro
Courtesy of Rebecca Bellantoni, Phoebe Collings-James, Chloe Filani, Onyeka Igwe, Joy Labinjo, Last Yearz Interesting Negro and Cafe Oto, Photo:Dimitri Djuric

Tanja Ritterbex – Bison Caravan (2017)

The artists participating in Brief Encounters have been selected by the curators, Chris Driessen and Lucette ter Borg, for their attention to gender, feminism, Black consciousness, environmental awareness and art-historical power structures and for their ability to translate these ideas into visually interesting images. In the experimental public space of Lustwarande, the impact of these performances will be more intense than in a museum.
Chris Driessen is artistic director of Lustwarande. Lucette ter Borg is an independent curator, writer and art critic for NRC Handelsblad.

Gosie Vervloessem – The Horror Garden (2018)