2 event sculptures in 1 day:
Jasper Griepink – Gratitude – Watering The Woods
Vincent Olinet – Nature Morte

The annual groupexhibition is accompanied by moments of event sculpture, forms of sculpture that are time based and that can vary in duration from a few minutes to several months but of which in the end nothing will remain. These temporary pieces will be presented under the common title Brief Encouters, singly or in small clusters.
Brief Encounters ’17 took place on one day. On 2 September two event sculptures were presented, by Jasper Griepink (NL) and by Vincent Olinet (FR). Griepinks Gratitude – Watering The Woods (2h30) and Olinets Nature Morte (2h30) were both conceived for Brief Encounters ’17.
Jasper Griepink – Gratitude – Watering the Woods (2017)
With his meditative performance Gratitude – Watering the Woods, which was set in and around his installation Grove 2.0 – Chapel of Wild Wisdom, a greenhouse with edible and medicinal plants from the forest, Jasper Griepink brought people into deep raid and even to tears, aided by the mesmerizing composition of Maia Lyon Daw, who herself played the harp as well as a number of custom made percussion instruments.




Jasper Griepink – Gratitude – Watering The Woods (2017)

photography Gert Jan van Rooij (top left and right, bottom middle) /

Alex Harris (top middle, bottom left and right)

Vincent Olinet – Nature Morte (2017)
With his Nature Morte, Vincent Olinet had a world premiere at Lustwarande, a Vanitas installation consisting of Baccarat crystal ware cast in ice, filled with wine, bouquets and frozen fruits. The audience was mesmerized and nailed to the ground. For over two hours, people continued to look at the installation, which slowly melted in the warm late summer sun.




Vincent Olinet – Nature Morte (2017)

photography Gert Jan van Rooij
courtesy Galerie Laurent Godin Paris