Lustwarande – Platform for Contemporary Sculpture
After a nomadic artistic practice of almost twenty five years, Fundament Foundation has opted for a permanent location, park De Oude Warande in Tilburg. From now on, from spring til autumn, international exhibitions and other art projects will take place at this venue, effecting that this cultural heritage will evolve into an international platform for contemporary sculpture. The name of this platform is Lustwarande.
In 2017 Lustwarande will present the following program:
Disruption – Remapping Nature, an exhibition on contemporary reflections of art on nature, and
Brief Encounters ’17, moments of event sculpture.
Lustwarande very much appreciates your support.

Disruption – Remapping Nature / Brief Encounters ’17
Jasper Griepink
Grove 2.0 – Kapel van de Wilde Wijsheid (2017)

Disruption – Remapping Nature
24 June – 24 September
The renewed interest in art and nature the last few years has been remarkable, but does not come as a surprise. It concerns a holding position, a reconsideration of our ethical values, based on the realization that our earth’s resources are not inexhaustible.
Disruption – Remapping Nature focuses on a number of European artists, who each shed their light on how today people perceive, define and relate to nature. The main challenge of Disruption will lie in presenting these reflections on art and nature in the ‘natural’ context of De Oude Warande. Where does the concept of nature end and does the notion of culture start?

Disruption – Remapping Nature
Henrik Håkansson
Fundament (Insect Societies # 002) (2017)

Brief Encounters ’17
2 September: three event sculptures in one day
Under the title Brief Encounters a number of event sculptures, forms of sculpture which are limited in time, will be presented every year. The duration of a work may vary from a few minutes to several months.
This focus on event sculpture stems from the increasing interest in this form of time based art and connects to the emphasis Lustwarande generally puts on the temporary presence of sculptures at De Oude Warande.
On 2 September the first edition of Brief Encounters will take place, when event sculptures by Jasper Griepink (NL), Donna Huanca (US) and Vincent Olinet (FR) can be experienced.


Brief Encounters ’17
Donna Huanca – Bliss (Reality Check) (Art Basel, 2017)
Courtesy Peres Projects, Berlin – photo Adrian Parvulescu